“Innovative Technologies for the development of electric buses ” (INNELBUS)

Duration:   2010 – 2012


Budget:   €


The common goal of the project is the development, testing and integration on a platform of pure electric large bus, a set of technologies associated with this type of vehicle, such as the chassis and bodywork, electric powertrain, its management and storage, as well as aspects of their environmental impact and safety, to achieve an effective urban transport of people, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and accessible to all users. To achieve this overall objective is necessary to solve problems in science and technology with highly innovative solutions to ensure a significant improvement to existing ones in terms of environmental impact, powertrain, electrical storage and security of such vehicles.

The work has been divided into different activities: Activity 1. Determination of pure electric bus specifications. Activity 2. Environmental impact analysis Activity 3. Developing new concepts of racks and chassis. Activity 4. Electric drive and energy management. Activity 5. Safety issues associated with the electric bus. Activity 6. Development and integration of the demonstrator prototype. Activity 7. Pilot testing and vehicle systems. Activity 8. Technical and economic coordination of the project.




Powered by a drive system based on 134 kW induction motors controlled IGBT inverters , batteries equipped with the latest generation and a light structure especially designed for this application , the resulting prototype should be able to achieve a range of approximately 6h in an urban environment …a great challenge for a 12 m length vehicle!

The project was planned in response to such solutions demand from the most important urban transport builders and companies, which if they become massive, they would have a great impact on the urban environment.