Vehicles and components laboratory


Vehicle and Automotive Components

The Vehicle and Automotive Components Laboratory has comprehensive facilities for carrying out a wide range of tests:

  • Tyre tests
  • Vehicle Rollover Stability Test
  • Test Track

The Vehicle and Automotive Components Laboratory has a Tyre Testing Area with the purpose of obtaining official approval (new and remould), in accordance with the technical requirements laid down in current Regulations.. The activities of the Vehicle and Automotive Components Laboratory in the Area of Tyre tests, is divided into three:

  • Tyre test for official approval
  • Tyre static stiffness test
  • Thermo graphic Test

      The laboratory belongs to "la REd de LABoratorios de la Comunidad de Madrid" (Código 258)



      Address: INSIA. Carretera de Valencia, km.7. Campus Sur UPM
      Zip Code: 28031
      Locality: Madrid
      Teléfono: 910 67 88 50

      Test Track

      INSIA has facilities for testing vehicles on the track. These facilities have a circular platform for maneuvers and a total paved area of ​​3,000 square meters. It has specific areas depending on the type of test, such as a bumpy area with speed bumps and an off-road area.

      • Straight Length: 170 m
      • Circular platform 60 m in diameter
      • Total length: 700 m
      • Braking tests.
      • Dynamic lateral stability tests
      • Cornering behaviour
      • Suspension behaviour
      • Large vehicles maneuverability
      • Fields of view


        Vehicle Rollover Stability Test


        Channelled towards the study of Vehicle Lateral Behaviour and Official Approval in relation to lateral stability in Buses, Coaches and Tank Trucks.Particularly worthy of mention are: • Determination of the centre of gravity height • Static rollover Threshold Evaluation • Rollover Structural Strength Evaluation

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