Environmental and Flammability Tests


Environmental and Flammability Tests

The INSIA’s Environmental Tests and Flammability Laboratory functions in parallel with the quality departments of collaborating companies.

It tests parts whose useful life may be affected by the surroundings in which they will operate.

It also allows certifying compliance with certain standards regarding the variables of durability in special climates.

It also possesses a test cell for testing the resistance of materials to fire. These tests are applicable to the materials inside vehicles as well as other special materials.


  • Saline mist corrosion tests.
  • Resistencia de materiales bajo condiciones climáticas extremas.
  • Temperature and humidity control.
  • Fireproof material tests.
  • Validation and certification in accordance with various standards.
  • Possible combination with certain electrical fatigue tests.


Test Types

Climate Chambers

  • Temperature and Climate Tests.
  • Thermal and Climate Cycle Tests.

Corrosion Chamber

  • Saline Mist Tests.
  • Saturated Atmosphere Tests.
  • Combined Saline Mist, Dry Heat and Humidity Tests.

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