In the sphere of calibration and instrumentation the INSIA has the following laboratories at its disposal:

Electronics and Instrumentation Laboratory

The LABIE (Instrumentation and Electronics Laboratory), which is dependent on the INSIA’s Intelligent Systems Unit is dedicated to designing and developing electronic systems and devices for use in vehicles. The laboratory has a group of engineers and experts with extensive experience in electronics projects related to the automotive sector. LABIE’s R&D&I section focuses on electronic projects for application in a world where electronics is becoming ever more present and important, as is the case of the automotive world.


    Electromechanical Equipment Calibration Laboratory

    The LACAEM (Electromechanical Equipment Calibration Laboratory), which comes under the INSIA’s Intelligent Systems Unit, came into being with the purpose of providing a calibration service for the different INSIA laboratories. The laboratory manages and performs calibrations on the measuring equipment of all the other INSIA laboratories. It also offers calibration services for external clients focusing its activity on the area of measuring equipment and digital tachograph calibration.

    The main areas of calibration are listed below:

    • Force.
    • Torque.
    • Angular Velocity.
    • DC Voltage.
    • DC Resistance.
    • Displacement.
    • Angle.
    • Time.
    • Temperature Recorders and Thermometers.
    • Tachograph Calibrator.



    Gonzalo Estrada. Director de Calidad.


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