“Technologies for sustainable and accessible urban mobility” (TECMUSA)

REF: PSE-2009-370000-9

Duration:   07/2009 – 10/2011


Budget:   2.899.306 €


Develop, test and integrate into platforms of electric and hybrid vehicles – A set of technologies associated with these vehicles, – Next-generation fuels, – Electricity, – Fleet management and information and communication systems, To achieve urban transport of people and goods effective, energy efficiently, environmentally friendly and accessible to all users.




      Energy requirements of high tonnage hybrid urban transport vehicles using a modeling method that allows estimating the energy requirements for heavy vehicles, also assuming different driving cycles and types of service.

      Concepts have been defined for the new structure of urban public transport vehicles applicable to electric or hybrid vehicles due to their potential to reduce weight. Two lines of work have been developed, a first, the application of multi-material concepts with special emphasis on the introduction of composite materials, and a second, structural optimization, seeking to automate the process through topological and parametric optimizations.

      A purely electric and hybrid powertrain test rig has been designed and developed.