Assessing and predicting the impact of road transport on safety and the environment. Developing and applying models. 

Scientific Accidents Investigation

Models Development 


Main Objetives and Activities

  • Definition of transport impact indicators, and development of methodologies for their estimation.
  • Application of advanced statistical modeling to the analysis and prediction of road accidents frequency, risk and severity. Evaluation of the influence of socioeconomic, technological and legislative variables.
  • Development of a DRAG-Spain model (Demand of Road Use, Accidents and their Gravity)
  • Development and application of methodologies for the estimation of energy consumption and pollutant emissions from road traffic.


R+D+i Team

Blanca Arenas Ramírez. Head of Unit
Directora de la Unidad “Estudios de Transporte e Impacto Medioambiental del Automóvil” de