Transport engineering laboratory


Test Track


    INSIA has facilities for testing vehicles on the track. These facilities have a circular platform for maneuvers and a total paved area of ​​3,000 square meters. It has specific areas depending on the type of test, such as a bumpy area with speed bumps and an off-road area.

    • Straight Length: 170 m
    • Circular platform 60 m in diameter
    • Total length: 700 m
    • Braking tests.
    • Dynamic lateral stability tests
    • Cornering behaviour
    • Suspension behaviour
    • Large vehicles maneuverability
    • Fields of view

    Brake test


    Alignment bench


    Shock absorber test bench

    Through the shock absorber test, the displacement-force curve is determined, based on the values ​​of both variables obtained in the test bench.

     From the data recorded in the test, the velocity-force curve is obtained. The slope of this curve defines the damping ratio. The damping values ​​thus obtained are used in the reconstruction of the accident.

     The test procedure consists of subjecting the shock absorber to a known displacement according to a sinusoidal external excitation at a certain frequency that forces the shock absorber to complete several traction-compression cycles, recording the corresponding values ​​of displacement and force in a computer. To do this, the bench consists of a load cell that registers the force exerted by the shock absorber and a displacement sensor.

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