Certificaciones de Seguridad de empresas de Autobuses y Autocares CSEAA:


  • CSEAA is its own standard for the Safety Certification of People Transport Companies that operate with Buses and Coaches based on a methodology developed and validated by INSIA and that has been developed with the collaboration of a large group of experts in Driver Training , Bus Engineering, Maintenance, Bus Operation and Security Systems Management. At the moment it constitutes a unique methodology in Spain and Europe.
  • CSEVIC (Safety Certification for Industrial and Commercial Vehicle Companies).
  • CSEVIC is its own standard for the Safety Certification of Freight Transport Companies that operate with Industrial and Commercial Vehicles, based on a methodology developed and validated by INSIA (UPM) based on experience in the application of CSEAA.
  • ISO 39001 (Certification in Road Safety).
  • The ISO 39001 Standard is a generic international standard that helps organizations reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the incidence and risk of deaths and serious injuries derived from traffic accidents. This standard identifies elements of good management practices for Road Safety (VS) that allow the organization to achieve the desired results.
  • Protection against COVID-19. Adapting to the current situation and as a complement to the CSEAA certification, this factor aims to certify the protection measures that companies are adopting on drivers, vehicles, travelers and operations.

 CSEAA Objectives:

  • To be a tool for evaluating safety in companies.
  • To offer administrations and users a way of quantifying the level of safety, taking account of realistic, measurable parameters that are easy to interpret and use.
  • To detect strong and weak points.
  • To help create a Safety Management System.
  • To contribute to enhancing the image of Business.
  • Certify safety in transportation.
  • Protection against COVID-19



Francisco Marcos. Director de Certificaciones.

Telf.: 910678876. E-mail: f.marcos@upm.es

Javier Megía. Técnico de Certificaciones

Telf.: 910678869. E-mail: certificaciones2.insia@upm.es

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