El INSIA, que actúa al servicio de la industria y del sector del automóvil, realiza ensayos e informes tanto de procesos de homologación como de carácter específico de sistemas y componentes del automóvil, así como asesoramiento técnico completo para el desarrollo de ensayos y certificaciones. Colabora con la Administración en la elaboración de normativa, nacional e internacional (Directivas y Reglamentos) relativa al vehículo automóvil, asistiendo periódicamente a las reuniones de Bruselas y de Ginebra en condición de asesor técnico del MINETUR.

The INSIA is the Technical Service authorised by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) for the design of homologation tests for some international regulations and directives (Automotive Industry. Motor Vehicle Directives and Regulations).

  • Regulation 66 (structural strength against bus and coach rollover).
  • Directive 94/20/CE (mechanical coupling devices).
  • Regulation 58 (rear-end under-run devices).
  • Regulation 93 (protection against front-end under-run).
  • Regulation 111 (lateral stability in tanker vehicles).
  • Directive 2001/85/CE (lateral stability in buses and coaches, among other things).


Coupling Devices Homologation

Our Vibration and Mechanical Strength Laboratory specialises in the homologation and testing of devices that are used to join different vehicles: towing devices, tow bars, ball and pin devices, emergency tow-hooks…

Our team is familiar with the regulations and test characteristics and can therefore respond rapidly to the needs of industry. We have custom-made teams for these tests based on Regulation 55 (former Directive 94/20/CE), as well as Regulation (EU) 1005/2010.
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Load Protection Devices

“Vehicles that are authorised for the simultaneous transport of people and loads must be fitted with an adequate protection for the load they are transporting. These protections must be compliant with the conditions set out in Annex VI and with the regulations set out in Annex I”
That is: it is mandatory for category N1 and adaptable mixed vehicles.
We conduct the tests. required to issue a report in accordance with Annex 6 of the General Vehicle Regulations (GVR). Either for total or partial retaining panels or rings.
http://www.boe.es/boe/dias/1999/01/26/pdfs/A03440-03528.pdf Page 3478
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Tyre Tests

At the INSIA we are experts in tyre testing, for both homologation and research. We have 6 test stations that range from testing industrial tyres for transport up to high performance car tyres.

We are accredited by the MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY and by ENAC for tyre testing and the issue of reports based on Regulations 30 and 108 (new and retread car tyres) and Regulations 54 and 109 (new and retread industrial tyres). Mandatory throughout Europe for marketing these products.
We have every size of rim to provide a fast and efficient service.
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