“Methodology for Analysis of energy consumption and pollutant emissions produced by the Urban Public Passenger Transport” (ECOTRAM)

Duration:   20062009


Budget:   €


The main objective of this project is to develop a methodology for evaluating energy consumption and pollutant emissions in urban transport of people, depending on vehicle characteristics, operating conditions and the fuels. This model is calibrated based on the results of tests performed on a set of lines of the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT), selected by the representative of cycles in the same operation.

The model is applied to the evaluation of pollutant emissions produced by the transportation of passengers in the city of Madrid, and especially the analysis of the effect on the environmental impact of the joint action of the properties of the fuel cycles and . Different scenarios will be evaluated for replacement of vehicles and fuel characteristics of various routes, enabling conclusions about situations offer greater profit potential.





    Equipment Instumentation and Measurement Log

    Applied Methodology