The laboratory building (3000 m²) is divided into different laboratories and divisions that structure both the facilities and highly qualified human resources making up the INSIA. It therefore has the capacity to perform a wide range of motor vehicle-related tests, either in R+D or for official approval. The main laboratories and facilities are:

Vehicle and Automotive Components

Vehicle and Automotive Components Tyre tests, rollover stability test and test track.

Passive Safety

The Passive Safety Laboratory (LSP) has the appropriate facilities for performing tests channelled towards the evaluation and enhancement of parts that affect the safety of automobile occupants.

Electromechanical Equipment Calibration

The laboratory provide internal calibration service for the different laboratories comprising INSIA..

Simulation and Calculation

Structural calculation and optimization of buses, coaches, large goods vehicles and components.

Engines, Powertrain and Emissions

 The INSIA has a Test Bench for thermal engines where power and torque tests can be performed as well as emissions measurement and consumptions, calibration procedures…

Vibrations and Mechanical Strength

Vibration tests, fatigue tests, mechanical strength and pendulum impact tests.

Environmental and Flammability Tests

Climate tests, corrosion tests and fire tests..

Instrumentation and Electronics

Vehicle instrumentation and dynamic tests, onboard data collection equipment and external space recognition and positioning sensors.

Lift Parts Testing

It has facilities for testing lift parts and is an ENAC accredited laboratory .