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Academic competition on Innovative transport concepts.

TRA VISIONS will be aimed at University and Technical Institutes students pursuing bachelor degrees and higher. The competition presents an opportunity for students to showcase their work on an international stage at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2016 Conference.


Initially, participants will be invited to submit an abstract under one of the TRA-2016 conference Topics (Call for Ideas) which covers the general areas of:
• Environment – Decarbonisation, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
• Vehicles & Vessels Technologies, Design and Production
• Urban and Long-Distance People Mobility – Systems and Services
• Freight Transport and Logistics
• Safe, Secure and Resilient Transport Systems
• Transport Infrastructures
• Human Factors, Socio-Economics and Foresights
• Automation and Connectivity
• Enabling Environment for Innovation Implementation
The registration period will be open until 31/05/2015, where all the participants are invited to register their ideas and submit a title and a short abstract of their ideas for the Student Competition. The participants will have to develop and submit their idea until 30/09/2015.
For further information, please visit where you will have access to all the template documents and  you will be able to register online your idea for the competition.

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