General Information

The Master’s in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Engineering organised by the UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE FOR AUTOMOBILE RESEARCH (INSIA) – UNIVERSIDAD POLITÉCNICA DE MADRID – offers a wide range of topics in its programme intended for all professionals and postgraduates with an interest in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles who wish to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills and attitudes required to become fully functional as part of the new electric vehicle business model.

insia-coche-electrico-01This Master’s offers a broad overview of all aspects of the hybrid and electric vehicle sector. It is oriented towards a strategy of continuous updating as the sector moves forward in technology, research and management.

The Master’s in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Engineering has been specifically designed so that the professionals of this sector can make a quantitative leap by supplementing and updating their knowledge in the key areas of design and management. Likewise, for inexperienced graduates, the aim is to provide a broad, skilled training environment where they can be guided by the experience of specialists and develop their analytical and decision-making skills.

We aim to develop training actions and activities in the field of electric vehicle technology and its systems and parts, as well as in electricity generation, distribution and operation. Also taken into account are the issues of economics, marketing and electrical infrastructure together with information and communication technologies. As a whole, participants are offered an integrated global vision of vehicle technologies and systems, both onboard and outside the vehicle. The focus is on design and management and the new electric vehicle business model in Spain in a European and international context.

The Master’s course is taught by a large team of excellent prominent professionals who occupy important positions in companies and organisations linked to the electric vehicle business model as well as by staff with extensive University teaching experience. Each module has a teacher as coordinator, whose mission is to organise the classes, work, practical sessions, conferences, etc., for each module and coordinate the different teachers on the course.

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