Intended for

University Graduates who wish to get up to date or widen their knowledge of the technologies associated with automotive vehicles and the automotive industry, on a postgraduate level.

The Master’s in Engineering can be taken both at a degree level as well as expert level, but it is also open to managerial and executive staff of the Automotive Industry who have other degrees.


It is intended to provide those on the Master’s with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for them to become professionally integrated into the automotive industry.

For those already in the sector, the aim is to supplement and update their knowledge in the key areas of design, manufacturing and management.

For inexperienced graduates, the aim is to provide a broad, skilled training environment where they can be guided by the experience of specialists and develop their analytical and decision-making skills.

In both cases one of the main aims is to provide an introduction to R&D&I tasks in the automotive industry.

Master’s Degree Structure

The programme content and its structure means it is accessible to graduates with work experience and others, who having recently finished their university studies, wish to deepen their knowledge of the automobile industry with a view to becoming part of the sector.

It is a programme that can be taken intensively or part time, which makes study compatible with work.

The total number of teaching hours is 600.

There are two different designs, which mean the Master’s can be completed in either one or two academic courses.


Students who successfully pass the tests on each course and complete their Final Master’s Project will be awarded a MASTER’S IN AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING degree from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
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