Formula Student Project


In 2003, a team of teachers from the Higher School of Industrial Engineers (ETS de Ingenieros Industriales) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, affiliated to the University Institute for Automobile Research, INSIA, aware of the need to boost the competencies of degree level students, founded the first Spanish university Formula Student competition team, under the name of UPM Racing.

One of the aims sought with this project is to supplement students’ engineering education as well as to develop the specific job competencies currently required to work in any sector, more so if we are dealing with an area as competitive and complex as the automotive sector.

The novelty of this project goes beyond developing a new innovative educational methodology; it is the challenge for students to learn and take part in the full manufacturing process of a vehicle, including its design and development. The final product is not only achieving a vehicle with the best possible performance but also forming an effective work team from among the participants, thereby encouraging active participation and involvement to achieve a common goal, whose incentive is the satisfaction of being able to take the vehicle they have built (with their own effort, time and work) and enter it in a competition.

The UPMRacing project helps students put into practice all the knowledge acquired in the classroom as well as foster their personal and professional development.

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