The technological services offered by INSIA-UPM to the automotive sector ‘s companies are focused in R&D&i studies, within the following areas:

Structural Design:


Structural analysis, improvement and optimization using calculation and characterisation-validation tests of:
  • Vehicle structures (buses,coaches, large goods vehicles and special vehicles)
  • Seats, restraint systems as well as any automobile structural component
  • Determination of load conditions for the design (usual and extreme ones)
  • Calculation and tests of the following types: linear static, non-linear, fatigue, modal, harmonic, thermo-dynamic, transient, impacts and CFD.

Passive Safety:

Studies aimed at increasing or ensuring safety, from a structural point of view and protecting-restraining the occupants against different type of impact (frontal, side, rear end and rollover): applied to the whole structure (buses, coaches, large goods vehicles, special vehicles and significant improvements to the homologated vehicle) and also applied to components and parts (seats, anchorage systems, inner conditioning, frontal and rear underrun protective devices, and so on).

Ergonomics and Comfort:

Studies aimed at enhancing ergonomics and comfort, particularly focused on public transport, large goods vehicles, special vehicles, components (seats, gear levers…), accessibility and comfort of people with impaired mobility. The field of application includes vibrational comfort (experimentation and calculation), field studies (preparing and analyzing surveys) and simulation using CAD tools.

Hybrid Vehicles:

Studies focused to the most environmentally friendly technologies for motor vehicle propulsion: hybrid propulsion systems with a thermal engine and fuel cell. We also design and develop special vehicles to include these technologies as well as carrying out mathematical modelling and
simulation to optimise the final product, and make a comparison with the use of alternative fuels: bio-fuels, natural gas and hydrogen.