The INSIA acting at the service of industry and the automobile sector carriers out tests and prepares reports on the homologation procedures regarding the specific nature of automobile systems and parts in addition to providing full technical advice for the design of tests and certifications. It collaborates with the Administration in drawing up national and international standards (Directives and Regulations) related to automotive vehicles, periodically attending meetings in Brussels and Geneva as technical advisor to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR).

The INSIA is the Technical Service authorised by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) for the design of homologation tests for some international regulations and directives (Automotive Industry. Motor Vehicle Directives and Regulations.)

  • Regulation 66 (structural strength against bus and coach rollover).
  • Directive 94/20/CE (mechanical coupling devices).
  • Regulation 58 (rear-end under-run devices)
  • Regulation 93 (protection against front-end under-run).
  • Regulation 111 (lateral stability in tanker vehicles)
  • Directive 2001/85/CE (lateral stability in buses and coaches, among other things).