CSEAA (Bus and Coach Company Safety Certificate)

CSEAA is a Bus and Coach Company Safety Certification System based on a methodology developed and validated by the INSIA, designed with the collaboration of a large group of experts in Driver Training, Bus Engineering, Maintenance, Bus Operation, and Safety Systems Management. It currently constitutes a methodology that is unique in Spain and Europe.

CSEAA Objectives:

  • To be a tool for evaluating safety in companies.
  • To offer administrations and users a way of quantifying the level of safety, taking account of realistic, measurable parameters that are easy to interpret and use.
  • To detect strong and weak points.
  • To help create a Safety Management System.
  • To contribute to enhancing the image of Business.
  • To certify safety in the transport of people in Buses and/or Coaches.

ISO 39001

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