Technology services provided by the INSIA:

The INSIA offers technological support for companies and public administrations by providing technological services that materialise in R&D&I tasks, consultancy, tests and certifications. The Institute is authorised as an Official Laboratory for homologation in accordance with different Regulations and Directives (buses and coaches, stability, tyres, seats, restraining systems, lifts, bicycles…) and Major Modifications. It possesses laboratories accredited by ENAC that are equipped to carry out a wide range of R&D and homologation tests related to automotive vehicles.

The centre has top qualified technical and research staff with over 25 years experience in developing R&D&I projects and work related to the world of automobiles and their environmental impact. The Institute has facilities and laboratories at its disposal, the most marked of which are the test track, the impact simulator and the new test bench for the development of technologies based on the hybridisation of vehicle propulsion systems.

Why Us?: Our Experience

  • Over 25 years experience providing services to over 1,000 automotive sector companies and other technology-related sectors.
  • We have represented Spain in the drawing up of Regulations and Directives for over 25 years.
  • The experience and know-how gained from the work performed in over 500 research projects carried out since the INSIA was founded.

Client’s Testimonies:

“The company I work for has various engineers from the INSIA who have taken its postgraduate courses to get trained: it is a good place for training and I let myself be guided by the opinions of my friends who worked there. Now I have friends both from here and there.”
Juan Ángel Terrón, EMT Madrid