Intelligent Systems. ADAS systems and autonomous cooperative driving.

Main Objectives and Activities

  • Deepen in the field of autonomous cooperative driving
  • Develop and test ADAS systems, focusing on speed control systems and environment perception.
  • Develop driver assistance solutions based on the automation of vehicle controls
  • Introduce communication technologies in the previous systems in order to extend the information and the “electronic horizon” from the positioning of the vehicle in digital maps.
  • Develop new high and low level automation architectures for diverse applications and services
  • Deploy cooperative services in real scenarios
  • Analyze the suitability of HMI

R+D+i Team

Felipe Jiménez
Felipe JiménezHead of Unit
PhD Mechanical Engineer and Professor of the Technical University of Madrid in Spain. Wide experience in advanced driver assistance systems, Artificial Intelligence systems and instrumentation & automation of vehicles.
José Eugenio Naranjo
José Eugenio NaranjoResearcher
Francisco Serradilla
Francisco SerradillaResearcher