Engines, Powertrain and Emissions Laboratory

The engine, power-train and emissions laboratory has its own facilities and a team with 10 years experience in the area of alternative propulsion systems.

Tests Types:

  • Design, development and implementation of control strategies for a complete power train.
  • Measurement of emissions and consumptions in real driving cycles by means of onboard equipment.
  • Calibration of ECU´s.
  • Finding the characteristic curves of thermal engines.
  • Recording and measuring power train variables (through the CAN network) in a real cycle using onboard equipment.
  • Evaluating fuel, additives and improvements in thermal engines.

Simulation Tools:

  • Propulsion: AVL Cruise
  • Internal Combustion Engines: AVL Boost
  • Algorithm development: Matlab SIMULINK
  • Mechanical Integration: Catia V5
  • Measurement and Treatment: Dewesoft, Kibox Cockpit, PCAN Explorer,


  • Hybrid and electric heavy duty powertrain test bench
  • Conventional powertrain test bench
  • Pollutant emissions laboratory

Measurement Equipment

  • Kistler Kibox
  • Horiba OBS2000
  • Peak-system CAN interfaces
  • Manometer PCE Instruments

Additional Information: