Welcome to INSIA

INSIA, the University Institute of Automobile Research is a centre belonging to Technical University of Madrid (UPM), part of the Higher School of Industrial Engineers, and is integrated into the UPM’s scientific and technological park.

Located at the Campus Sur, it has 3,000 m2 of laboratory buildings with testing facilities and 1,700 m2 for R+D+i, teaching and administration.

The centre has very highly qualified research workers, some academic and others under contract, with more than 20 years’ experience in R+D+i activities related to the traffic accidents and vehicles safety, automobile industry, transportation sector  and more recently to the transportation environmental impact.

Details About INSIA

The INSIA is a centre dedicated to scientific and technical research that in addition carries out teaching and training activities in specialised areas. It also provides technological support for companies and public administrations.
The Institute’s main activities are:

  • Research and Development in the context of automotive vehicles and their impact on safety and the environment. We are currently working on five lines of research.
  • To provide technological support for companies and public administrations, by providing technological services that materialise in R&D&I tasks, consultancy, tests and certifications.
  • Postgraduate and specialised training.
The Institute is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Industry as the Technical Service for homologation in accordance with various United Nations Regulations and European Directives regarding vehicles and their systems and parts, particularly in the area of bus and coach safety.

Our Difference

Coaches and Buses Safety

Provide service and co-operate with business and public organisations

Specialised post-graduate training.

Exceptional Team

Our Team

Pr. Dr. Francisco Aparicio
Pr. Dr. Francisco AparicioPresident
Francisco Javier Páez
Francisco Javier Páez Vice-Director
Javier Páez is PhD Mechanical Engineer and an Associate Professor of the Technical University of Madrid in Spain. He is the Deputy Director of quality, Training and Dissemination at the University Institute for Automobile Research at Technical University of Madrid (INSIA-UPM).
José María López
José María LópezDirector